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Bowery to Williamsburg (Midtown)

June 22, 2015

Hardware Street, and its surroundings have become staple brunch destinations. Very much where you would take your interstate friends in order to make some conceded point of how trendy and cool Melbourne is. Does Bowery to Williamsburg (BW) establish itself as another must-visit culinary hotspot? Yes.

Entering BW you’ll find yourself weaving pass other patrons and staff until you reach your seat. The place is incredibly narrow, but claustrophobics fear not! With it’s relatively high ceilings, BW feels like an open New York-esque delicatessen. The food-prep battle stations and the dinning area share a common space. You only need to peep over your shoulder to see the mesmerizing materialisation of your order. Be prepared to have other patrons to hear your scandalous brunch gossip because there is only one long communal table. Space efficiency is key.


Chickpea and Green Pea Falafel Wrap – $14

Let’s not play around, I should have ordered the bagels. I love falafel more than I love meat, so that wasn’t the issue here. That damn Tzatziki however, was so overpowering that it’s sourness just ruined everything. The Tzatziki, like that ingrown hair on your inner thigh, just had to go. Without the sour white evil paste, the wrap was pleasant, but not out of this world amazing. I really wanted to like this place.


Lechon Asado – $13

Served on a cafeteria-like tray, Cuban praised pork, pickled zucchini, fennel and celeriac slaw, and garlic aioli on a brioche bun sounded absolute amazing for the whale that was calling from my stomach. And… it sure was! The lechon was moist and every element completed each other well in this burger.


Vincent – 3/5

Sandy – 4.5/5
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