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Three Bags Full

January 19, 2015

Three Bags Full. Let’s get right into it!

Located in Abbotsford; the suburb right next door to it’s oriental neighbour, Richmond. This little gem is suave, smooth and laid back.

Three Bags Full only adds to the irresistible appeal of the Caucasian side of the Abbotsford/Richmond area. The industrial interior is dimly lit in a charming way and the place is simply furnished. Soothing folk music (Ed Sheeran-like) serenades diners, while they heap morsels of goodness into their mouths. This warm aura of place immediately hugs and makes you feel at ease. If you ever go for a weekend getaway, this is what it should feel like.

 Three Bags Full 2

After two minutes of agonising over the menu, we ordered the following:


Beetroot Cured Salmon with a Pea, Corn and Feta Fritter served with a side of Lemon, Avocado, Rocket and Dill Sour Cream $18.50

Three Bags Full 5

Don’t be put off by the beetroot salmon! It’s an unorthodox mix of flavours, BUT they dance very well together. The beetroot transforms the salmon from vibrant print into a rich ruby red. Fair to say it’s the crown jewel on top of this rustic dish. The fritters, rocket, dill and avocado unapologetically stand together as a monument of scrumptiousness. If you live for creamy goodness, this dish will have you scraping off every last iota of joy from your plate.

Sandy (Specials Menu)

Bacon & Cheese stuffed Savoury French Toast, Cauliflower Soubise, Poached Eggs & Herbs $17

Three Bags Full 4

The pillar of comfort that was stuffed savoury French toast, also proved to be quite a delight. The French toast was dense and savoury. There was an obvious egg and onion flavour that instantly came through, very much reminiscent of an omelette or quiche. There were also bacon bits nestled inside the thick cuts of toast, that will no doubt remind of the calorie rich cheese and bacon rolls you use to get in primary school. Beneath the square of carbs lays a sweet Cauliflower soubise. This allows for an excellent balance in flavours. The dish overall is rich, heavy and creamy. So you may feel that the dish becomes repetitious.

Three Bags Full 3

What makes Three Bags Full worth going to? It’s simple food, done well. It doesn’t yell extravaganza. It doesn’t even suggest it. It doesn’t have to. It’s the simple things in life that make you happy. The food from Three Bags Full embodies this mantra.


Sandy – 4.5/5

Vincent – 4/5

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