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The Vertue of the Coffee Drink

April 14, 2015

This was the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life.

If our reviews were based on the coffee alone, the Vertue of the Coffee Drink would be the only café worthy of 5/5 rating. I’m begging you on my knees to please go and enjoy a cup of that illustrious black liquid, before the weather turns absolutely feral. The Vertue is completely tucked away in crevasse of some god-forsaken alleyway near Lygon Street. It looks more like a path to a certain death by confrontation with a meth addict, rather than a pleasant dinning experience. The interior can be described as industrial chic fused with a green house. The result? Spectacular. Natural light rushes in and engulfs the place with a saintly glow. How could not be in love with the Vertue already? P.S There’s also a little hidden dining area upstairs for those who want the place to themselves.

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Chickpea chips with charred asparagus, preserved cherry tomato & basil salad, shaved parmesan and poached eggs – $18

The poached egg was faultless. Cutting into it immediately followed the oozing of creamy yolk. The sizeable chickpea chips were creamy and were wonderfully complemented by the sweet cherry tomatoes and the pungent shavings of parmesan. The asparagus offered itself as a refreshing palate cleanser, contrasting the stronger elements of the dish. I was at pains when deciding what rating I would give the Virtue. The food was good, the atmosphere was too and you already know how I feel about the coffee. It wasn’t, however, great to the extent that it would garner a perfect score. Sorry.

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Eight-hour lamb shoulder, tabouleh, baby broccoli, dukkah, tahini $22

That satisfaction when you bite into meat and it just melts in your mouth. This lamb shoulder was so damn moist. The side elements to this dish was pretty bland, however the saltiness of the lamb balanced this dish out and pulled the dish together. It was quite a Mediterranean maybe even Greek-like dish with the tahini and lamb combo.

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Vincent – 4/5

Sandy – 5/5

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Le Miel Et La Lune

January 29, 2015

    Located in Carlton just a few minutes walk from Melbourne University, this little café is quite a unique addition to Melbourne’s brunch scene. French word “Le Miel Et La Lune” translated (with the help of Google translate of course) means Honeymoon. Quite strange as the menu was screaming Korean-fusion.

Le Miel Et la Lune is armed with enormous windows that immediately boost beams of colour and life into the café. This corner café is the perfect place to wind down with a book over coffee and great food or to catch up with some friends.

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No need to venture out to Collingwood for those who enjoy Proud Mary’s coffee. This is the place to be, they use Proud Mary’s roasted coffee!


Pork Belly Potato Hash $17.90

Le Miel 2

The decision was not hard, as you don’t see a collaboration with pork belly and potato hash everyday. The pork belly was not much of a stunner it sought out to be. It was quite thinly sliced, so you could not taste much. The Shimeji mushrooms and creamy (and boy do they mean creamy!) sesame sauce complimented the dish well, however was quite empowering. Also topped with a poached egg, this dish made out to be a very heavy dish. It was in need of something to refresh the palette.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy the dish, it was actually really good, just a bit too much for myself.

Le Miel 1

Other dishes ordered by friends over a much-needed catch up after University exams:

Bulgogi Burger, Sweet Corn Fritter, Cheesy Spicy Chicken

 Think picnic on a lovely sunny day, Le Miel Et La Lune is a breath of fresh air.


Sandy – 3.5/5

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