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July 7, 2015

To this day I have never had a bad bagel experience.

Would the cutely named Bagelicious buck this trend? No – thank God.

Bagelicious kindly invited us to join them in their new store in Hawthorn. When I first walked into Bagelicious, I let out a sigh of relief. Finally, I thought, we were going to eat somewhere that wasn’t plastered with an industrial chic interior. Without a hipster in sight, Bagelicious offers a clean and crisp setting. It’s not uncomfortably clinical, but rather quite modern and inviting. Think a local exhibition space with high ceilings and brilliant lighting. You lucky Swinburne students!


Vincent – Smoked Salmon / Cream Cheese, Capers on an Everything Bagel $9.90

Yes, I was boring and went for a safer option, but in my defence if you nail a classic surely it’d reflect your overall ability. The bagel itself was perfect. It wasn’t so hard that you’d confuse it with a discus and not so soft to make wonder what additives could be in it. It’s what you’d come to expect from a good bagel. The luminous cream cheese, blanketed by the protein packed smoked salmon and with just a sprinkle of capers. Bliss.

Sandy – Chicken Mexican / Avocado, Aioli, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion $12.90

A good bagel makes me happy. Not too dry and not too hard. Bagelicious has aced that. It was warm and tasted like it was just taken out of the oven. I chose the “Everything Bagel” simply because it had everything. Unlike Vincent, I chose a Bagel under Hot Fillings. The chicken was tender and did not need to be carried with sauce. This bagel had no fault.

Together we also tried the new item on the menu; wedges served with sweet chilli aioli which was a good snack on the side.

We also tried a warm Blueberry dessert bagel that was accompanied by Bagelicious’ homemade 4-cheese cream cheese. This was the best dessert bagel I’ve ever had. The pineapple bits in the cream cheese gave the cream cheese a sweet twist which was quite different to the plain cream cheese bagels you would usually get.



Vincent – 4/5

Sandy – 5/5

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