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May 4, 2015

Situated in what appears to be a former warehouse, Krimper offers an industrial interior no different to what you would expect from other alleyway cafes. You might miss this one if you’re not looking properly. This is of course with the exception of the large wooden crate out back, which you may dine in if you are lucky enough to allocated such excusive seats. The big wooden box in the middle of the room and the frantic staff, these are two most memorable elements of Krimper.


Chicken – Stuffed with Sage and Chillli, Crushed Carrot Harissa, Peas, Mustard Seed $20

The last time I was at Krimper I ordered the awful Quinoa salad (please avoid this like you would the plague). I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. I ordered the chicken to be safe this time, because how can you screw up chicken? The dish was strikingly presented on a black plate, effectively highlighting the pool of the sweet potato the chicken breast delicately sat on. It was certainly appealing to the eye. The flavours were subtle yet still aromatic. Middle eastern in inspiration perhaps?

I went with the safe option and that’s, quite frankly, what I got.


UPMA – Crispy Polenta, Yoghurt, Eggplant Relish, Manchego Custard and Poached Eggs  $16

I went with the polenta chips as I quite enjoy them. This dish had no surprising element that I really adored, though the eggplant was nice and sweet. The flavour of (not sure what it was, kumquat?) overpowered my taste buds. I felt like the elements in this dish didn’t compliment each other well. The poached eggs and sour cream were a bit too heavy to have on the one plate.


Sandy – 2/5

Vincent – 3/5

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